VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Review


Do you want to replace your old traditional long vacuum cleaner? If so, then VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Corded Upright Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner a right choice for you to get the same performance and also you doesn’t feel of different vacuum. It is because it has a capacity of performing as like an as traditional vacuum, but allows a lightweight option for users.

Additionally, this vacuum cleaner is designed with a larger dust bin such as 1.2L, and it doesn’t require emptying the cleaner frequently than other small models of the dust bin. To reduce the weight of long vacuum cleaner, it uses an extension tube or handheld vacuum. Stay here and continue your reading to find out more about this vacuum cleaner.

Features of VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

Here are the positive aspects of this handheld vacuum cleaner for you to know.

1. Suction power

This vacuum cleaner works at the 600W stick with 130 air watts of suction power, so it can be used at full length and also without the use of extension tube to get features of handheld cleaning.

2. HEPA filtration

It uses HEPA and sponge filtration system that can lock even small particles, but another vacuum on the market simply re-circulate those particles and back into the air and remain in your home. But, this is not the case of this handheld vacuum, because it prevents spreading allergies and bacteria in the home itself. If you want more suggestions on HEPA vacuums, visit HealthEssential.net and read that article.

3. Suction capabilities

It offers various suction capabilities to clean stairs, carpets, hardwood floors, furniture, rugs and more perfectly.

4. Package includes

The package of this vacuum cleaner includes 19.5ft power cord, crevice tool, small brush attachment for handheld, hose adaptor, and shoulder strap.

User Reviews

Lauren – The VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Upright Stick vacuum is the best domestic appliance in my home!! After always having hand-me-down vacuums that were heavy and clunky and didn’t work very well, this lightweight, compact and powerful vacuum makes cleaning enjoyable and easy. The attachments work great to do detailed cleaning. It also works very well on my jute and woven rugs. I love the option to turn it into a handheld vacuum for quick clean ups. It’s only slightly larger than a broom and can be tucked away anywhere for storage. I highly recommend this vacuum!

Robert Belding-Miller – Bought this for my 70+ yr old mother. She LOVES it. It’s lightweight enough for her to use and she owns a town home and reports it takes her seconds to do her stairs with this vacuum. “It could lift th e foundation if you wanted, i love it” -she said. An excellent product.

Louis D. – The VonHaus 2-in-1 Corded Upright Stick is fantastic! I was tired of chasing crumbs on my hardwood floors with a Dustbuster and began researching stick vacuums. Came across the reviews for the VonHaus 2-in-1 Corded Upright Stick and decided to give it a try. If you are in the market for a bare floor corded vacuum this is the one! It is light, yet powerful, and extremely well balanced when resting upright. Many have reported that it is noisy but i found it not much louder than my Dustbuster. Be prepared to clean the canister and filter frequently if you have a large floor. The filter will probably need cleaning before the canister fills but it is a simple and quick procedure. Did I say this thing is powerful?!! I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase..go for it!!

kyla lyons – Ordered this last Thursday, arrived Friday. So far it works great! We have wood and tile throughout our house, and this little vac is perfect for grabbing the sand (we live in Florida) and dog hair from our fur baby. It even works great on the area rugs. Haven’t used it in hand held mode yet, but sure it won’t disappoint. Also the extension handle is great for tall people, I’m 6′ and my boyfriend is 6’4″, plenty long for both of us.

Final words

At last, you come to know the extraordinary vacuum cleaner for your money right!!

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