Easy Tips to Reduce Back and Neck Pain at Work

From Pain at Work

Most people will sit at their computer for at least five or six hours a day. Many times, they will not get up to walk around or stretch. Over time, certain muscles groups will grow sore because they are overworked. This can happen very quickly and leave a person in a lot of pain. If left untreated, the pain will grow more intense and it will be difficult to treat. Medications are available, but those who begin taking them may never be able to stop. Before it gets this bad, there are exercises and stretches that people can do to help ease their pain and help their bodies heal.


Every day before beginning your work, you should stretch. Bending down to touch your toes, raising your hands toward the ceiling, and rotating your neck are very simple exercises that you can do at your desk. These stretches will help reduce the amount of stress that is being placed on your body each day. After lunch, you should take a quick walk around the building or to the break room and back. This will help the blood flow to the body and keep muscle groups limber. At the end of your shift, you should repeat the same exercises before leaving the office.


It is important to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, especially water if you can. Other drinks such as coffee, juice, or soda will dehydrate the muscle groups and leave you feeling tired. By drinking water, you will be replenishing essential nutrients and helping your muscles stay relaxed. If you do not like water, then try Gatorade or flavored water as these drinks will also help to keep you hydrated during the day. You should be drinking eight glasses a day if possible in order to remain healthy. Buying water and having it at lunchtime is also a good idea.

Protecting your body in the workplace is very important for your overall health and well being. There are many injuries you could sustain even from just sitting at your desk all day. Drink enough water and see a doctor if the pain does not go away. The doctor may recommend hot and cold compresses to relieve minor pain, but if the soreness continues, you may have to find another job that will be more comfortable so that you will not have to have surgery.

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