Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Runny Nose Fast


Are you suffering from a runny nose? Want to stop it? So, looking for how to stop it without medicine? If like so, then home remedies are the right choice to treat this problem.

We all know that this is a very common and as well as irritating thing too. But, this condition occurs when there is increased mucus in the sinus. Apart from that, there are some of the common causes also for this such as allergic reaction, infection on sinus, common cold and so on. And, if you don’t deal this kind of condition, then it results in headaches, cough, and other symptoms.

How to Do

When you look treatments you will get plenty of over-the-counter medications on the market. But, still, there are natural home remedies to deal with it naturally. In addition to that, homemade remedies don’t cause side effects at end of the day too. Therefore, here are some of them.

1. Saltwater

Salt water is the best remedy that reduces the irritations on the nose. On the other hand, it also aids to make thin sinus, so you can comfortably and also easily breathe. So, mix a half tablespoon of salt with 2 cups of distilled water and put a few drops of water to the nose using a dropper. Repeat this same for few times a day and until you feel free from this disease. Now you should feel changes in the condition of cold on each day.

2. Steam

Steam is another best home remedy that effectively clears the excessive mucus, which causes this issue. So, take a bowl of hot water and hold your face in the water and cover your face to get steam coming from water fully. And, you need to breathe in the steam for 10 minutes and repeat this for more than 1 time a day. Otherwise, you can also get the steam from hot water bath or shower.

3. Mustard oil

Naturally, the mustard oil contains antibiotic, antiviral and antihistamine properties and all these properties clear the symptoms.

From these home remedies, pick anyone and do this until you have no irregular reactions to cold.