Can You Be Allergic To Coffee?

Allergic To Coffee

Most of us have become habitual of taking mug full of coffee in the morning to get a kickstart. Coffee keeps us going in an afternoon or to end the long tiring day after having dinner.

But, don’t you think that small coffee ‘hit’ is hitting harder than you can think of? Or in simple, Does your body have irregular reactions to coffee?

Being allergic to caffeine or coffee is not very common, but it is not unheard of as well. And for those who have coffee allergy, their body takes the molecules of coffee as a dangerous foreign invader.

According to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, food allergy happens when the immune system of a person’s body starts reacting uncommonly to some specific food. And some say that allergic reactions tend to be mild normally, but sometimes they can create serious damage.


Many studies have confirmed that generally, people can undergo anaphylactic reactions to caffeine which can be shown by an easy test of skin prick.

There is some genetic evidence in regarding inability to make caffeine process normally a few of us lack in the genes which are responsible for such thing.

This permits caffeine to start growing in that person’s body in place to be broken down completely and these are the people who are known to be hypersensitive to coffee or caffeine.


So, how you are going to find out if you’re from one of them who have an allergic reaction to caffeine? Many doctors explain signs of caffeine allergy may include one or few from the given problems:

  1. Skin issues like rashes, eczema, acne, severe itching or hives
  2. Panic attacks and anxiety
  3. A migraine or regular headaches
  4. Unable to concentrate or focus on something
  5. Swelling of throat, gland or tongue
  6. Racing heart
  7. Always having bad, angry, irritable mood
  8. Dizziness
  9. Fatigue
  10. Depression
  11. Pain in your chest
  12. Muscle pain
  13. Numb feeling in feet, face or hands
  14. Extreme jitters
  15. Chest tightens and breathes shortness
  16. Flu or cold-like signs
  17. Hallucinations and having delusions
  18. A problem in your vision
  19. Cold sweats

Why does it happen?

Many different kinds of tests were done to look what exactly caffeine does to a person’s body. In that, it was found that a 5mg dose of caffeine according to per kg weight of any human body might result as a “temporarily change in a person’s behavior, like irritability, anxiety, and nervousness can be seen, especially if they consume low caffeine”.

If you think that your body is also intolerant of caffeine, then try to eliminate coffee from the diet completely. However, one thing you still need to remember that this process can take one to two weeks for the effect of caffeine to get over from your body.

Also, keep in mind that not only coffee contains caffeine but there are some drinks and food in which caffeine compound can be found. In order to effectively prevent and treat allergic reactions, you should read the articles shared at Allergy Hacks.